Living Healthy

Living a Healthy Life…

Health involves every sphere of the human life. It involves the body, the emotions, the spirit and how man is able to take control of them. So, one can not claim to be healthy if mental state is deranged even though the body looks fine. Staying healthy is a choice one has to make daily and live by.

“Health is defined as the state of complete physical, mental, psychological, social, emotional, financial and spiritual well being of an individual and not just the absence of a disease”

Counting the COST!

You need to count the cost of staying healthy against not staying healthy in order to be able to take a firm decision about your personal health

Have you counted the cost of developing a stroke, paralysis from leaving your high blood pressure undetected or getting it under control?

Have you counted the cost of having your leg amputated from having your blood sugar levels high without control until it leads to a diabetic foot?

Have you counted the cost of loosing a father, mother, friend, sibling, or children from any of them dying from diseases or conditions which can totally be controlled naturally?

Have you counted the cost of developing a cancer from ignorance or lackadaisical attitude you have developed to health awareness, promotion strategies and health supplementation and embrace of harmful dietary lifestyle until cancer sets in?

Have you counted the cost of hospital bills and productive time lost for family, business and friends as a result of being hospitalized for a health condition which could have been prevented or controlled if only you listened to this kind of advice?

Health becomes more costly when we ignore the preventive measures and fail to take necessary actions early enough before it becomes difficult to manage

So, what should you do to stay healthy?

  • Be genuinely interested in staying healthy
  • Seek out health seeking behaviors and practices
  • Connect with people, medical experts and media platforms that will guide you appropriately on things you can do to stay healthy
  • When you have symptoms or signs which show that you may be ill, do not ignore or procrastinate. Take conscious and prompt effort to fix the problem
  • Stay positive always!
  • Meditate and give thanks to God for your health and aspire to replicate what you enjoy in others
  • Extend a helping hand to anyone who is going through a health condition

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You’re not alone…

You are not alone in the fight to stay healthy in the midst of challenging times and rapid proliferation of diseases all across the globe.

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